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I love you, yes I do, ‘cos you know you’re my lethal brew!

It’s Real People again! In this one, they forego their usual creepy photoshopping because the couple depicted are creepy enough without it. Although nothing can outcreep the “I forced HUBBY TO LOVE ME” headline. In some circles that’s called rape.

This was another one sent in by the lovely Seaneen!


I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper Sexy Surgeon!

Poor old John Prescott. Never taken seriously in his political life and now he’s come out as having an eating disorder, what’s the picture that always seems to be dug out? The one about him tucking into a pie! Real People strike gold again by advertising a free pizza for every reader as well.

The money shot here is the bottom headline. I didn’t read that story and I don’t want to either because I know it’ll ruin the magic.

One of the previous entries had this comment left behind which I thought was so interesting I’d chuck it on the front page! Unfortunately whoever left it didn’t leave behind a proper e-mail addy so I can’t credit them with it.

Great site. It just reminded me of something you might find interesting.

A while back, I worked at an ad agency that worked on a very popular magazine in this ilk. We asked the dudes over there why such shocking stories were on the covers all the time and they said, simply, the more horrific the story, the more magazines they would sell. Apparently, the bodycount made a difference too.

But they had no valid reason whatsoever for putting the vacuous cover girls on there (they tried to fob us off by saying the readers identified with someone who looked like them – yeah, right – most of the public aren’t heavily photoshopped for one thing).

So yeah, great site, looking forward to the next post and good luck for the future.


It’s creepy photoshop time again! The cover models eyes seem completely unrelated to each other.

“…but I CAN’T leave my make up behind!”

The headline about the handbag did cause me to burst into laughter at the W.H Smiths in Bristol I found this one in.
One thing I’ve noticed about Real People is their cover models are usually photoshopped to make them look anything but like a real person. This one for example looks like a collection of facial features pasted on to a blank face like a sinister version of Mrs Potato Head. Is it a smile, a knowing smirk or has she wired her jaw? And why does her left eyebrow look like it’s been drawn on with a burnt bit of cork?

Lovely now!

Day 2 of this blogs life and courtesy of my friend Icy Sedgwick there’s a new header image! Thanks to her this blog is looking a little more lovely now…