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Lethal Loo Chain!

Pick Me up again confuses and delights with its jarring mix of happy smiley jolly model and screaming horror headlines.

The CEREAL KILLER (lol) story is just begging to be made into a dark comedy film. It could be a sleeper hit! Just get Jim Carrey to mug his way through the script but also have a serious expression on his face every so often (so you know it’s not all for laughs). Throw in a support cast, like that one from Desperate Housewives and thingy from Lost. Play that now requisite tune by Danny Elfman that’s in all the glossy dramas and you’ve got a future £6 summer sale HMV special!


Contribution Corner!

This was brought to my attention by the lovely SOTS from the Cook’d and Bomb’d forum (the spiritual birthplace of this blog). She used to have a Tom Baker avatar so clearly she’s a lady of taste.

IPC Media publish Pick Me Up and the Chat range of magazines. On their website they describe Pick Me Up as thus.

“Pick Me Up is the woman’s weekly magazine that sparkles with originality and warmth and sets the pace in the Real Life sector. It always provokes a smile, and takes you to a place where it is fun to be. Upbeat, vibrant and fun, it’s an intense package of the best real life stories and puzzles. The intrigue of real people’s lives is Pick Me Up’s heartbeat. With its big heart and fresh look, it’s the real life magazine you want to be seen with. Altogether, it means a quality real life read that is excellent value for money. Pick Me Up has more real life than any other magazine.”

And to illustrate how full of warmth and fun it is they have this cover right next to the description.

Nothing says warmth, vibrancy and fun like a screaming ‘STABBED IN THE FACE’ headline after all!

Thanks again to SOTS from CaB! Picture taken directly from

I see dead people…