(The relevance of the number will escape you unless you’ve already seen this)

Wow! According to WordPress’s OFFISHUL Blogs of the day, this is the 37th most growingest in popularity blog! WHOO HOOO!

Let’s take a look at what we’re up against!

Trailing far behind us at 96 is BLOGS FOR McCAIN. As expected, it’s mostly Obama slagging instead of anything of substance.
At the coveted 82 spot is TEEN CELEBRITY! The latest manufactured android children, free of such silly things like “personality” and “human characteristics” delivered to your monitor! When reading this, play a little game of what addiction your chosen pop meatpuppet will eventually spiral into! There’s an unironic cover of Never Gonna Give You Up as well. This is how far we’ve come.
Just behind us at 38 is GOONERSWORLD BLOG. Good! I live very close to the Arsenal grounds and every match day there is like a carnival of idiocy. Drunken man-children flood my street like braying sweat and noise machines. If my anger at these cretins had a physical form, it would outnumber all the collected gurning fools 10 to one and resemble a steel version of the Terracotta Army.

However we’re still trailing behind these blogs

A few places ahead of us is Anime Academy. A group of emotionally stunted fans write “academic” studies on modern anime. Completely missing the theory that modern anime is a wet dream fantasy for socially retarded young men.
And finally we have GITHUB. Put here for no other reason than the name amuses me.


2 responses to “THIRTY SEVEN?!?!?!?

  1. Impressive!! 😀
    PS. I’m so sending Mummy-Dragon the link to this site. She’ll just yum it up, I’m sure. ;D

  2. I’m 38?

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