Sink of despair!

When you see this, you will shit bricks. This is probably the creepiest cover that’s come about so far and I say that as someone who’s uploaded a few Real People covers. It’s quite nice of them to spare our eyes from the yucky picture in the top right corner but why did they need to answer the question nobody wanted to ask with that razor blade headline?

Another mag, another tale of deadly household objects. Is this the first sign of a possible uprising? It’s a well quoted statistic that most accidents occur in the home, perhaps there’s a far more sinister reason for this. Maybe that’s why you’re always reminded to unplug all appliences when you go to bed.

The obvious winner this time round is of course the man who sleeps with his wifes corpse. It’s ok, she’s got her best nightie on!


One response to “Sink of despair!

  1. Is there any connection between the “I slept with my dead wife” and the “Caught by the ghoulies” stories – It sounds like the plot to a Hollywood remake (reimageing) of Rentaghost.

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