Teenage Grandad

Here’s another one sent in by a reader, Niki Hunter (not the porn star). She bucks the trend of Deviant art by actually being enormously talented. Her doll pictures creep me out a little though.

The main headline has got me wondering when would be a good time to shop your rapist dad? Answers on a postcard…

Jenny Frost seems to be treading on Kerry Katona’s turf as another Atomic Kitten member with large breasts. I just found out that Atomic Kitten are apparently alive again, not that anyone seems to have noticed. Their comeback single charted at #77 back in January. Bless them.
Otherwise, this is just a giant clusterfudge of horror. The bulimic 7 year old, the 26 year old Grandmother. It’s like Richard Littlejohn (if ever a man was so appropriately named…) has begun to project his minds eye into reality. Even the immigrants are starting to go home now!

And it really must be said that anyone who follows fashion tips from Jordan and Carrie “horse faced” Bradshaw from Sex in the City deserves all they get quite frankly.


3 responses to “Teenage Grandad

  1. Great site. It just reminded me of something you might find interesting.

    A while back, I worked at an ad agency that worked on a very popular magazine in this ilk. We asked the dudes over there why such shocking stories were on the covers all the time and they said, simply, the more horrific the story, the more magazines they would sell. Apparently, the bodycount made a difference too.

    But they had no valid reason whatsoever for putting the vacuous cover girls on there (they tried to fob us off by saying the readers identified with someone who looked like them – yeah, right – most of the public aren’t heavily photoshopped for one thing).

    So yeah, great site, looking forward to the next post and good luck for the future.

  2. Er, who is Amanda? And why would I give a care about whether she’s having sex or not?

  3. LOL, I actually got approached by my porn star namesake’s marketing representatives once, asking if I could make some images of her as a sexy cartoon character. I gave them a quote for the job (you know I’ll draw pretty much anything as long as it pays) and I never heard from them again… guess they’re pretty tight with her hard-earned cash! ;p

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