It looks like a paddling pool to me actually…

What I like most about this one is the juxtoposition. On one hand you have the cover model cheerily smiling while above her is the head line “VICTIMS MINCED FOR PIG FOOD!”.
Then along the bottom you have the heartwarming tale of 2 sisters finding each other after a lifetime apart right next to a picture of an oozing headwound.


Picking on the Daily Mail (or… DAILY FAIL! LOLZ) is like shooting fish in a barrel but they can still pull a classic scaremonger – “Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo”

To put it mildly, the Daily Mail is to professional journalism like a date rapist is to romance. The quotes seem to be copypasted wholesale from a forum I’m guessing and are dismissed with a sneering “But as any parent will tell you, adolescent children can be highly irrational.” Because Daily Mail reading parents know best after all.


2 responses to “It looks like a paddling pool to me actually…

  1. That article is actually terrifying.

  2. citizenpartridge

    The Mail article is much scarier if you replace “emos” with “Elmos”.

    Top blog j_u_d_a_s! I love these mag covers but am always too embarrassed to have a good stare at them in the shops.

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