£20 more than £32,000!

Today’s update is courtesy of Seaneen who also writes a blog that’s being adapted for Radio 4. So catch it now before it becomes the next media sensation!

This weeks cover model was an ex-minion of the Joker it seems. Her teeth are far too large for her head. Breaking my self imposed rule of never wondering about the insides, I did ask Seaneen about the “Mum who ate her home” story and she summed it up thusly…

“The woman who ate her house was someone who anxiously ate the threads of her carpet, ate toothbrush heads and purchased carpet samples to chew on. She is, in the realest sense, a rug muncher.”


2 responses to “£20 more than £32,000!

  1. They thought they lost Pippa…..who the hell is Pippa?!

  2. I just misread the end of the bottom line as “drunk mums shaved”. Bet they would have sold a few more copies if that were really the story, LMAO! XD

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