Contribution Corner #2

Before this blog came to be, I started posting some magazine covers on the forums at cook’d and bomb’d. The reaction I got from there convinced me that there was definitely something in this weird obsession of mine that was worth sharing with the wide world of the internets. Another amazing thing that happened though was that it somehow convinced others to create their own too! Here’s a couple that came about…

This was the first effort by no_offenc from CaB. This one wins simply because it captures that ‘Real People’ style of creepy photoshopping. This picture is why I always double check my PC is turned off before I go to bed.

The eerily human face of Serious Cat lets you know this is indeed serious business. This cover pokes fun at Jim Davidson (the guy in the bottom right corner, famous for his “unenlightened” views), an activity that is never wrong! Nagsworth is the classy verbwhore responsible for this! Long may his face bang!


The distressingly named Kitten Wrangler has sent me a scan of Take 5 all the way from Australia! This blog has now gone international! How about that?

The cover model must win awards for having the least sincere smile with the most impressively sized teeth! The biggest surprise for me was what they consider to be a “plus size” model too, dangerous thinking that.
The competitions seemed to be pushed quite a lot in this magazine, why in this month there’s AU $100,402 worth of prizes! $100,000 isn’t enough to entice the average Australian woman anymore. $400 more wasn’t enough so they upped the stakes again by $2! Take 5, always giving that little bit extra!

Their star prizes this month are a pair of wedding rings (for him and her, evidently Take 5 doesn’t believe in gay marriage). What could be more romantic than proposing to your eternally beloved with a ring that you won from a AU$2.80 magazine?

Take 5 – a magazine for readers.


2 responses to “Contribution Corner #2

  1. Let’s face it, these things are just scary.

  2. WOO! Those cover mockups are brill! Love the Jim Davidson reference, too… spot-on. XD
    Oh noez, Auz has this shite going on as well?! We’re all dooooomed! But we’ll go to Hell entertained, at least…

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