“…but I CAN’T leave my make up behind!”

The headline about the handbag did cause me to burst into laughter at the W.H Smiths in Bristol I found this one in.
One thing I’ve noticed about Real People is their cover models are usually photoshopped to make them look anything but like a real person. This one for example looks like a collection of facial features pasted on to a blank face like a sinister version of Mrs Potato Head. Is it a smile, a knowing smirk or has she wired her jaw? And why does her left eyebrow look like it’s been drawn on with a burnt bit of cork?


6 responses to ““…but I CAN’T leave my make up behind!”

  1. glorious stuff. finally a place where i can get my weekly fix without the patrons of WH Smith getting the arse.

  2. could YOU be the next victim of teen killers?

    Statistically, no. No you won’t.

  3. Lovely stuff. Please keep going.

  4. @Dave

    What I especially like about that one is how they almost seem to phrase it as if it were a competition prize. You could be the happy winner of a perforated lung!

  5. Ohmigod! That guy was, like, saved by a stranger’s handshake!! It’s like…..what?

  6. Bad Photoshopping/Mrs. Potato Head LOLz! XD
    And yay for Cuddles the cat burglar! S/he looks just like my sis-in-law’s cat Wilbur. :3
    Oh God, and I just saw the line along the bottom about the boob job. @_@ Fackin’ gold.

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