Why this site is here.

I love trashy gossip. I really shouldn’t as it only really appeals to my baser instincts but there’s an illicit thrill to hearing about other peoples misfortunes.

Sometime last year, on a trip to the new Tesco that opened just around the corner from the flat I share I noticed a headline that just screamed for attention. I just got a new phone with a fancypants camera on it so like anyone else would, I took a picture.

I had a lobotomy to find love!

This has now turned out to be the first picture of quite a collection. I soon discovered that this wasn’t just an isolated incident. Every week more magazines were churned out with more lurid headlines that the stories inside just couldn’t hope to live up to. I’m now sharing this obsession so that together we may laugh at the editorial staff’s open contempt for their readers and interviewees!


2 responses to “Why this site is here.

  1. Don’t go abandoning your cracking thread on CaB for this, young man…

  2. Wallowing in dirt to find gold????!!!. . . . sounds like skip diving. . . πŸ˜‰ *Squeezes cake* x x x ~p~ πŸ™‚

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