Want to be involved?

Ok so this blog is still in it’s infancy with a staggering ONE post! Because I’m relying on a ready-made theme here, I’ve only got a stock image as the header. Wouldn’t it be really nice if I had a really fancy custom picture up there instead?  In fact if someone was to create one for me, why they would be my new best friend (terms and conditions applicable) and would be welcome to eat cake with me on a day of their choosing! Doesn’t that sound nice? Yes, yes it does doesn’t it!


I’m putting out a call for contributions for not just a header but anything else, be it covers they’ve spotted or made up themselves! There’s no real prize alas but you’ll get it featured here (depending on if I remember to add it or not). So you too can lay claim to internet fame!

E-mail anything you want to @: vacant.stare@gmail.com


One response to “Want to be involved?

  1. An amalgamation of headlines at different angles with the name overlaid would seem to suffice as a logo. I’ll get right onto it! (lie)

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